White River

China Clay / Kaolin

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The hunt for British china clay (kaolin) came a few centuries after China began using the product for their white porcelain. The best china clay reserves were found in cornwall. it was mined originally for use in 





Littlejohn's pit is 'One of the largest china clay pits showing the clay stream, which has been producted by hydraulic mining, running down to the lowest point in the pit where it is pumped to the bucket wheels which take the coarse sand out of the clay stream.' - mike griggs cchs

''Rivers of clay become lifelines of industry, not just for pottery, which takes just a quarter of the total production, but rubber, paint, plastics and textile manufacturers, demand this white ingredient"

m & r chatting about time & geology

Bodleva clay pit - robin talking?

For each kg of usable clay, 8kg of waste is generated

Summing two bil tonnes of waste per year in the industry's heyday


Quartz was used locally in housing projects


Sand, overburden and mica were industry waste, and originally sent amid the water streams, with white earth run off, turning rivers white


White rivers of waste flowed through St Austell

The st austel river was originally called White River bc orginally companies let the waste water from the sites flow all the way through the village

and it went full circle

porcelain to stuff to porcelain