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A painting collaboration between myself and 3 other artists. I was asked by Art Peckham to put together an exhibition at the Flying Dutchman to go alongside a live music event.


The aim was to create something site specific for the basement venue. I asked three artists to come to my studio to work on 3 paintings. We moved around 3 large canvases clockwise, working on a large section for 30 minutes and then moving on to work into what each other had previously painted. 



‘I create artworks that experiment with ideas of reality, representation and subjective experience. I’m interested in the quotidian and how our expectations can be altered to create unusual and sometimes humorous outcomes. Absurdity finds itself in my work.’


'My paintings used to be about creating a stillness, and arranging something on a canvas to make something that is harmonious. Influenced by poetry & shapes, I became less concerned with things being in the right place. I use bright colours almost as like pinpoints in my paintings as to guide other parts of my paintings.'


Having studied Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins, continuing living and searching in such a fashion. Interests held in words, objects, set design and oddly shaped bread.

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