Updated: Oct 16, 2018

"In light of Women’s Week we thought we’d shine a little on the latest artist to join the ranks at Loughran Gallery; introducing Maddie Rose Hills.

Inheriting her idiosyncrasy for the Arts from her artist mother Maddie Rose Hills began to build a body of representational and figurative work at a young age; combining her elemental understanding of paint handling with an intrepid approach to media she has established herself amongst emerging artists with an innovative body of work.

Concerned with the collective, congenital response entwined with the human condition the mélange of colour and texture in Hills' oversized artworks ideate nature to trigger a visceral response, liberal and lavish her application of paint extends from the allure of play and experimentation.

Vast natural landscapes reincarnate, lava like patterns ebb and flow curiously across each canvas; the urge for closer inspection is irresistible as surging, seething, swirling patterns materialise and her acute attention to detail becomes apparent. 

Awarded a first class honors degree from The University of West England in 2015 Maddie Rose Hills already has a series of international exhibitions (Barcelona, Paris and London) and an Icelandic residency under her belt, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce the arrival of her work here at Loughran Gallery…one to watch, we’ll be keeping a close eye on her organically evolving oeuvre, for more information on Maddie Rose Hills and her available artworks please don’t hesitate to get in touch."


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