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Blue Lagoon

Milky blue lagoons


Forbidden waters

An undefinable colour


Bluer than any other water


Water that must have a mind of its own to reflect back to the sky this specific shade of blue.

If you have ever looked at mica you will have noticed something strange


Move it around and it distracts the light, confuses it, offering colours unnoticed.

Luring colour into its form as though it needs these reflections to survive


Just like the blue lagoon




That water is a galaxy with mica particle stars hovering in its orbit, lights eternally bouncing off them. As though the mica has been underground for so long it has catching up to do





"A more upto date landscape with a mica dam in the forground. This is used to store the fine waste material which before the early 1970s went sraight down the river as it had done for the previous 200 hundred years. River discharges of waste water are now strickly controlled and the clay companies get fined by the Environment Agency if they exceed the limits."

Eventually the China Clay industry had to stop pouring the waste into the streams - and instead they let it flow into the water that was pooling at the bottom of the quarries - Mikes Story

21692  Kernick Dam, Kernick & Treviscoe

I sometimes wonder if its mica I can see, dancing upon an eyelid or cheek, that all familiar glow toying with the light. Sparkling eyes emphasised. A mineral enlivened with a new purpose

Mica and its uses


Household electrical parts

Mica industry in india

'new mica dams and sand tips were constructed to impound this material,'

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 18.04.45.png

Why was it wasted


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