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Paint Becomes Alive

Film, 2015 (re-made in 2023)


In 2015 I posted the film Paint Becomes Alive on YouTube.

It was me filming liquid acrylic paint mingling with other materials on the canvas - as water and oil repel, and sediment clumps together and settles... The brief moment when paint is actively exploring the canvas, before all of a sudden, everything stops.

I must have deleted the video a few years later, but it was hidden behind the scenes on YoutTube. Usually I'm grateful I didn't grow up with instagram etc, but every now and then I love that we can dig into archives on social media and find timestamped videos that are stuck there forever.

So as a homage to those trapped moments, and all of the documentation that I have an overwhelming desire to delete, this 2023 verison is exactly the same, exept it is layered with audio from my Facebook video uploads from the same period of time. 

The song is from the original audio, it is called In2 the skies by Sug(r)cane


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